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Kim Lagos - Trombonist, Central Band, Royal Air Force 

Dear Roy,
Thanks for the work you performed on my beloved Conn 8H; it looks and plays like a dream.
Kim Lagos

Chris McTear

Dear Roy,
At the risk of repeating myself, it is simply amazing that you were able to take a very abused and neglected trumpet and turn it into a genuinely beautiful instrument.
My Olds Recording looks and plays far beyond my expectations. Your work shows the commitment and pride that you have in what you do.
Thanks so very much.

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Jim Gribben

Dear Roy,
Making the decision to have my gorgeous 1970 Conn Elkhart 8H trombone converted to incorporate a Hagmann F valve system was a big one. Last year you did an amazing job on my 1983 Conn 100H which was in need of a lot of TLC, so I thought who better to tackle this major undertaking. We were both very aware that one wrong move on this job and bang goes a classic horn, but as a straight B flat instrument it was restricted for modern day playing as tenor trombonists these days are regularly required to play below low E natural. Well I'd needn't have worried, your meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship turned my already lovely 8H into an amazing 88H. It blows superbly, and the F side is amazing, all my colleagues in the Central Band of the RAF agree that it hasn't lost any of its character. Thanks for a tremendous job Roy I'm over the moon with it.
All the very best,
Jim Gribben

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